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We have approximately 10 different varieties of plums on our orchard on trees ranging from 5 - 70+ years old.

Our main varieties are as follows:


Duffs Early Jewel

Medium-sized, round plum with dark-red skin and yellow flesh. Great plum for eating fresh, preserving or for sauces. Ripens through early-mid January



Medium-sized, oval plum with bright yellow skin and crisp yellow flesh and a mild, sweet flavor. They are sweet and firm making them excellent for eating fresh, cooking, preserving and desserts. Ripens mid January.


Black Amber

Medium-large, round plum with purple/black skin and pale-cream flesh with a red stain from the skin, increasing as the fruit ripens. Firm yet juicy with good flavour. Ripens late January to early February.



Large, juicy, sweet plum with yellow-red skin and yellow flesh with a small stone. Fruit is shaped like a kidney and ripens early to mid February.


Black Doris

A traditional plum known for its heart like shape, dark red flesh and dark purple skin. Perfect for eating fresh, preserving, jams and puddings. Available in February.

We still have some of the trees first planted 70 years ago on the property still producing top quality plums. 

These plums are great for eating, baking with, and preserving. They're also great to put in the freezer and bring out as you need them. 



Medium-large, round plum with dark red, almost black skin and pale-yellow flesh with a small stone. The flesh is dense and crunchy, without much juice, but sweet with well-balanced flavour due to the long growing time. Ripens late February.



Traditional plum known for its bright red flesh and green/red skin. Perfect for eating fresh, preserving, and puddings. Available in late February through to March.



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  • Picking timeframes

    Duffs Early Jewel - early to mid January; Shiro - mid January; Black Amber - late January to early February; Black Doris - Mid February; Luisa - Mid February; Omega - late February to early March; Angelino - early March

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