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The Coal Creek Apricot block is over 70 years old. Our fruit get over 300 hours of below-zero temperatures throughout the winter, which with our hot and dry summer give them their distinct Central Otago sweetness and flavour.

We have 4 varieties of apricot available from early January to mid-February. Season-dependent, we also have processing grade apricots available - perfect for making jams, chutneys and desserts.

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Large oval, yellow skinned fruit that are freestone with sweet and juicy flesh that ripens over a long season. Can be eaten fresh or used for preserving. Available early January.

Clutha Sun

Similar to Clutha Gold in shape and colour, Clutha Sun has a tangy apricot flavour making it great for preserves and eating. Available mid-January.

Clutha Gold

Clutha Gold is a cross between a Sundrop and a Moorpark. They are a large, oval apricot and are great for eating fresh. Skin is orange with a lovely red blush. Flesh is firm but melting, with the classic apricot flavour that everyone knows and loves. Available mid-January.


One of the most traditional apricots. Known for their superb flavour with a yellowy skin. Perfect for eating fresh, bottling and preserving. It is our last apricot of the season, available usually late January to early February.

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