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Our Orchard was one of the first set up in Central Otago and has been producing fruit for over 100 years. Our oldest trees are over 70 years in age and still producing a high yield of top quality fruit.

In 1995 the orchard was taken on by Michael and Glenys Roche. At this time it was run down after years as a rental. In the years that followed they planted and grafted numerous fruit trees and started a small fruit stand. This developed into a thriving orchard and in 2015 a fruit stall with pack shed was built. 

After 25 years here Michael and Glenys retired from Coal Creek Gardens and moved to a new place in North Otago. 


My husband and I purchased the orchard, and moved on site the weekend of 27 November 2020 with our two boys. We plan to continue where Michael and Glenys have left off and in time add to the orchards legacy.

This means continuing with the same great quality service and producing great tasting fruit of export quality, for every-day New Zealanders, that we have been hearing about since we reopened the stall. Along with providing pick your own opportunities and the ability to buy fruit online for nationwide delivery.

We are continuing to bring our fruit to Gore every Sunday morning; starting early to mid January through to April, and set up on the corner of Norfolk and Ordsal Streets (behind the Brown Trout).

For those of you that love Glenys' jams, pickles and sauces, I have been fortunate to have been passed on her recipes and will endeavor to replicate these as best as possible

I have also been making pickles and syrups over the past couple of years and have found these compliment Glenys' and therefore a great Ploughmans spread, cheese platter or gift pack can be created.

So please stop in and say "Hi", we look forward to meeting you.

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