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Cherries make the perfect gift for Christmas, Summer BBQ's, or just something to treat yourself with. They have an amazingly sweet and bold flavour that lasts for hours. 

We have 6 varieties of cherry available from December till late January. Both the classic dark red cherry are available across the season. 


Varities available:


Our earliest cherry available. Earlise is a dark red, round heart-shaped cherry. It is usually available from late November/early December.

Sorry this crop was badly damaged by recent rain and had a significantly reduced crop, therefore they were unable to be offered for online ordering.



Dawson is a traditional variety of cherry. It is a sweet dark red, heart-shaped cherry - similar to a Stella but slightly smaller in size. Available for a short time, usually pre-Christmas.



Stella is a sweet dark red, heart-shaped cherry. Available usually from Christmas to mid-January, this is our most popular cherry.



Large dark red fruit with firm juicy flesh. Available from the second week of January.




Taking care of your fruit

Upon arrival, we recommend that you put your fruit directly into your fridge. This helps keep your fruit fresh and lasting longer (if you don't eat it all!).

We take a lot of care when picking and packing the fruit that is delievered to you and we want to make sure that it is perfect for you when you go to eat it.


Please note that online ordering opens the week prior to picking, if you are wanting to pre-order then contact us to arrange this.


  • Next Dispatch Dates

    December 2024

  • Picking timeframe

    Earlise - ? last week of November

    Dawson - ? 2nd week of December

    Stella - pre-Christmas

    Lapins - New Year


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